How to Optimize Your Move

Timeline-Planning Start early.

    • Review all available options at least 9-18 months prior to lease expiration
    • Typical business relocation project requires 3,000 hours of planning activities
    • Enough lead-time will increase amount of leverage & competition between various vendors save
    • Create contingency strategies
    • Identify Risk

Create a Realistic Budget

    • Incorporate transition cost of employees

Assess Needs and Current situation

    • Be clear about the purpose of office relocation E.G lease break, lease expire, growth or contraction
    • Define needs and map out office move plan.
    • Subsequent planning: details of existing lease-notice period-current obligations and liabilities


    • Hire a transition consultant such as Office Move Solutions or deal with these issues:
    • Work as an extension of your internal team
    • Coaches and prepares the staff to minimize stress
    • Identify one person dedicated to the project. Have other report to him/her
    • Obtain floor plans and design layout from property owner-provide to certain vendors
    • Evaluate Everything
    • Know what items you will need
    • Where everything will go in the new location
    • The date and time want to move
    • Building Access (stairs-freight-elevators-loading docks)
    • Parking issues and access
    • If COI are required-contact insurance broker
    • Space Planning and office design-may need to hire a professional

Inventory of Assets, Liquidation and Waste Management

    • What equipment has value and what is coming to end of life-cycle
    • What office furniture fits the new space-what has to be discarded
    • Hire a liquidator ascertain of value. They will obtain top dollar or you may need to hire removal company
    • Hire shredding company for hard drives-PC’s-CD’s to paper

New Building Site Survey

    • Technology assessment of new building for options in voice-data-internet etc.
    • With cabling vendor determine what can be used, where need new wires, at which locations
    • Identify the best place for the server room-ensure has proper cooling and ventilation

Contact Current Service Providers to Inform Them of The Move

    • Contact current service providers to inform them of the move
    • Insurance broker
    • Signage
    • Printing company

Hire A Moving Company

    • Contact Office Moving Solutions!

Procurement and Sourcing Decisions

    • Current services such as voice-data-internet-cloud-phones
    • New services-moving company-furniture-cabling-security-waste management
    • Vetting process
    • Create RFP’s
    • Benchmark for industry best costs-service level agreements, terms and conditions

Project Management and Vendor Liaison

    • Existing and new vendors ensure deadlines and milestones are met
    • Maintain and update checklist, share with superiors
    • Hold weekly staff meetings

Gather Your Team

    • Appoint someone from each department or division to coordinate their particular area
    • Have team leader ensures employees takes responsibility for packing their desk-files

Establish a Packing Schedule

    • Determine what items can be packed in advance and what areas are packed last
    • Prepare detailed move weekend schedule so everyone involved knows who is doing what, when otherwise vendors trip over each other getting into and out of the space

Label Everything Moving

    • Make sure crates are properly packed and labeled with new office location

Distribute a Floor Plan of the New Office

    • Label each room accordingly and give the map to the movers so they know where to place items, including packed boxes

Loading and Unloading

    • Inform surrounding businesses of your move and if you’ll be blocking entrances or taking additional parking spaces
    • Find out in advance where the moving truck can park to load at the old office location and where it can unload at the new location.
    • Find out in advance when freight elevators are available

Clean Up and Settling In

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