How You Can Save

Here’s how you can save 15% - 45% before a single box is packed.

Moving can be incredibly disruptive to your business. OMS is specifically designed to avoid the common hassles and, because of our proprietary process, save money even before a box is packed!

We first assess and audit critical areas that are often the hidden pitfalls and costs many companies suffer. A thorough audit is performed to ensure you are paying the lowest cost possible with no sacrifice to the service you receive. By reviewing these areas, we commonly save our clients 15% - 45% before they move.

The following are the target areas we carefully audit. Each is shown with the potential savings:

Phone Systems: Cloud and Premise Based

On average 45%

Telecom: Voice, Data, Internet, Mobile & Wireless

On average 32%

Insurance: Property & Casualty, Business Liability

On average 30%

Equipment Lease Contracts

On average 12%

IT and Cloud Services

On average 15%

Copiers and Printers

On average 28%

Best of all there is ZERO upfront fees, ZERO risks and ZERO obligations

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