Transition Planning

Preserve your time, productivity and profits.

Managing an office move is more challenging than most people anticipate. Companies often get tripped up by unexpected pitfalls and hidden costs. A single mistake can lead to major disruptions in your business, additional costs, and heightened stress.

  • Small companies with 10-100 employees usually take between 800-1,000 hours of employee time to plan and carry out a move.
  • Mid-size organizations with 100+ employees can expect to dedicate 5-6,000 hours to their relocation project.

Whether you’re looking for a larger space to accommodate growth, moving to be closer to your customers, rebranding, cutting costs, or just opening a new location, one thing is clear: your organization won’t be the same after the move. Without the proper resources and the right expertise, that is a potential liability. With OMS, it’s an opportunity!

You can trust our expert transition team.

Our detail-oriented professionals will…

Begin planning the transition well ahead of time.

  • Bring our expert-approved checklists, timelines, budgets, and benchmarks.
  • Review all available real estate options at least 9 - 18 months prior to lease expiration.
  • Create a detailed blueprint of the new space, down to the wiring, water cooler, and microwave.
  • Help you decide what to keep and what to buy for the new space.
  • Connect you with high-quality vendors and get you the best price.
  • Coordinate all key players to keep the project organized.
  • Anticipate and accommodate your team members’ recommendations to maximize employee satisfaction.
  • Manage vendors and services in order to maximize efficiency.
  • Set and stick to realistic budgets, including staffing costs, marketing needs, real estate fees, Information Technology services, insurance needs, equipment removal, employee relocation, security, cleaning, vending, financing, and incidentals.
  • Meet deadlines, so you can move into your new space on time.

Because we take care of every little detail and get you the best price in the process, OMS saves you time, stress, and money. Meanwhile, you can focus on the two most important things for any business during a relocation project: maintaining employee productivity, and keeping your revenue high.

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