Risk Avoidance

Office moves are full of unexpected pitfalls and hidden costs.

Partner with our expert team to avoid the risks of relocation.

 Your company’s on-premises network, information security, communications, data storage and collaboration tools all represent hidden risks and costs during the relocation process. We can design a communications solution to help you mitigate the hidden risks and costs.

Here are five common risks that Office Move Solutions can help you avoid:

1. Lost Productivity

Moving day is the cumulative effect of your moving process, not the beginning. Months are spent in meetings planning the move, designing the new space, making a list of equipment needs, and packing, not to mention unpacking, getting phone and data systems online and getting back to business as usual. Not only will management be distracted with their relocation tasks, but the risk of disruption for staff is high. With our partners in communications and data managed services providers (MSP), we can simplify your moving process greatly by storing your data in the cloud and using cloud-based unified communications services, enabling your staff to use their smartphones and laptops for work anytime, anywhere. 

2. Company Downtime

In today’s 24/7 business environment, your business can’t afford to be unavailable, even in the middle of a move. Switching to a cloud-based communications and data MSP helps you ensure that employees will be able to keep working from the old office, the coffee shop, or their living room while the move takes place, eliminating the risk of having downtime when customers can’t reach you. A managed backup will ensure that your data will be secure off-site before, during, and after the move. Meanwhile, the MSP will be available 24/7 to ensure your system stays up and running.

3. Employee Stress

A move that makes sense for your company might not make sense for your employees, particularly your top performers. If an employee can’t relocate due to having kids in school, a spouse’s job, or a personal preference, a cloud-based communications systems and productivity software will make it simple for your valuable team members to work remotely.

4. Equipment Upgrades

Remember your first apartment? You probably had an old couch or coffee table that wasn’t worth loading on the moving truck for your next place. In the corporate world, businesses often have the equivalent in phone systems, security or servers that are fine to use at their old location, but not worth the cost or hassle to move and reinstall. Having a managed service can help you reduce up-front capital expenditures by hosting your communications and data systems off-site, turning those costs into a simple monthly fee while reducing your maintenance costs and enhancing your customer service.

5. Extra Time Spent on IT

A relocation is going to mean a lot more work for IT to set up systems in the new location, install new equipment, onboard new vendors and train everyone on new technology. In the meantime, they still have to get all of their regular work done too. If you don’t carefully manage IT’s workload, a ball might eventually be dropped, significantly impacting your employees and your customers. With managed services, you can have a single vendor install, support, and manage your phone systems, productivity software, data storage, and more, reducing complexity and freeing up your IT staff’s time for higher-value digital initiatives. Best of all, with a single vendor you will have only one monthly bill and one account manager to work with.

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